Product Description

While I am finishing up the final edits, mixes and part creation for the 8 Core Orchestra Series Volume 2, I know some of you want to take advantage of the Pre-Release special offer of the complete set for only $450 that INCLUDES the PDFs of the sheet music, the Finale files, the listening mp3s, the stereo track mixes AND the stems for the rhythm based pieces.

BUT..I realize many of you would like to see the music first! So while I am finishing up getting everything to be ready to release, I wanted to offer a ‘behind the scenes’ pre-release version of the scores. So I have created PDFs of the conductor’s scores of all 10 arrangements of JUST THE 8 CORE orchestra parts that you can download for free to check out. These scores ONLY contain the 8 Core orchestra parts plus the rhythm staff. They do NOT contain the full orchestra version of the arrangements (the full version will have bassoon, harp, percussion AND a full string section).

This set of free conductor’s scores should give you an idea of the arrangement and help visualize that each arrangement is truly built around 8 core players plus piano/rhythm.

The special offer will end in just a few weeks so NOW IS THE TIME to order the complete set and get all of the extras for FREE!

The conductor’s scores are free to download by clicking ‘add to cart’ below.