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1 Day left!

1 Day Left! There is 1 day left on the 'pre-release' special for Retro Hymns 2! Tomorrow, June 1st, is the 'official' launch of the collection and recording. If you order today, you can take advantage of the special offer to purchase the complete set and get Finale files, MP3s (up to 30 copies!), Stereo [...]

2 Days Left!

Only 2 Days Left to purchase the Retro Hymns 2 collection during the 'pre-release' special offer time. As the collection goes live on June 1st, the special goes away so there is still just a little bit of time to take advantage of the special offer to purchase the complete set and get the recording [...]

Retro Hymns 2 Audio Samples Now Available

The 'official release' of Retro Hymns is still a couple of weeks away but we have some 'sneak peak' audio samples of some rough mixes if you want to check out some of the arrangements now. If you purchase the complete set BEFORE the official release in a few weeks, you'll receive the Finale files, [...]

Music for Brass Quintet

When we began this company back in 1998, we started with 10 brass quintet arrangements. Little did I realize at that time the impact those 10 arrangements would have on churches around the United States and now the world. When we launched AnderKamp Music, we struck a chord with folks who had brass players in [...]

K-Love Cruise 2016, the Double Sea Horns and Danny Gokey

In my previous update I mentioned playing trumpet on the K-Love Cruise in the 'Double Sea Horns'. As a result of a conversation with one of our neighbors, Chad Mattson (Unspoken), we ended up playing with Unspoken on their brand new song 'Higher' for their concerts on the ship. That night after the concerts (2 [...]

K-Love Cruise 2016, the Double Sea Horns and Unspoken

I talked in a previous post about my experiences arranging music for the Duck Commander Cruise, RamCorps and Lee Greenwood. I 'officially' met a now dear friend, Mark Brannon, who is the CEO of Memphis Based travel company Premier. Mark is a great guy, and best of all...he's a trumpet player. (And a good one [...]

Panama City Pops Orchestra

I had the opportunity January 16th to fly down to Panama City as the Panama City Pops Orchestra, under the baton of Maestro Eddie Rackley, played my arrangement of Holy, Holy, Holy as the encore to their concert. The concert featured Grammy Award winning composer and artist Dick Tunney performing his Monkee's Concerto on the [...]

Holy, Holy, Holy – Full Orchestra – Concert Version

Holy, Holy, Holy One of our most majestic hymns, this powerful text and melody has been sung and played for ages proclaiming the true holiness and trinity of God. I wanted to create an arrangement that would attempt to honor both the majesty and the intimacy of God's holiness. There is a 'Concert Version' as [...]

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