This is a beautifully worshipful rendition of this powerful hymn. This arrangement was written with the opportunity to feature the woodwind section. If you just have the 2 ‘core’ woodwinds (a flute and an oboe or clarinet) you can still play this piece and it will be beautiful. BUT…if you have 2 flutes, oboe, 2 clarinets and a bassoon or bass clarinet, there are some really nice moments in this piece to feature them.

This arrangement is in the Key of D.

This would serve as a powerfully worshipful offertory or as a special moment in any style service.

As with all the arrangements in this series, you don’t have to have a rhythm section to play this piece. Not at all. As long as you have a piano player, they can play the written out piano part.

Double click below to hear the full orchestra recording of this arrangement:

[audio:|titles=I Surrender All]

You can download the sample score here to take a look at the arrangement.



8 Core Orchestra Series

The 8 Core Orchestra Series is a full orchestra instrumental series based around an 8 core group of players plus piano/rhythm.

Full orchestra arrangements-They work with 8 core players, but the arrangements are written for full orchestra.

The 8 Core players are: 1 flute, 1 oboe or clarinet,  2 trumpets, 1 horn, 2 trombones and 1 bass trombone or tuba.

Complete Instrumentation: 2 flutes, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon/bass clarinet, 3 trumpets, 2 horns, 2 trombones, 1 bass trombone/tuba, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass, harp, percussion (2 players), timpani, piano, electric bass, guitar(s) and drums

Written out piano, electric bass and drum parts