The Birthday Questions is a series of questions you ask your child on their birthday each year. The question/answer time is recorded on video while some information is written/stored in the book.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Who do you want to marry? What’s your favorite color?

When your child gets ready to leave home for the last time (or at the wedding rehearsal dinner), you’ll have an amazing video of your child answering the same questions throughout the years. The book will remind you of special events/milestones throughout the years.

Time flies by quickly. The babies/young children you dedicate today will be graduating high school tomorrow.
The Birthday Questions is a PERFECT gift for Baby Dedication Sunday or to all new mothers.  It is also a great gift to first time visiting families to the church. A small gift telling the families that you care about their family.

Suggested Usage
Baby dedication gift, new parents gift, baby shower gift, first time visiting families gift, Christmas gift

Customization is available with a minimum order of 100 books. Email us if you have questions about larger quantities and customizing the book with your churches’ information.


Here’s a video of  Dakota’s 5th birthday questions (which she gave me permission to share)