One of our most majestic hymns, this powerful text and melody has been sung and played for ages proclaiming the true holiness and trinity of God.

I wanted to create an arrangement that would attempt to honor both the majesty and the intimacy of God’s holiness. There is a ‘Concert Version’ as well as a ‘Sunday Morning Prelude’ version of this arrangement available.

The Concert Version is intended to be more challenging and will require some time to prepare it. But….well…it’s HUGE! The rehearsal/practice time will be well rewarded with the sense of accomplishment by the players and the magnitude of the moment in the worship service when it is played.

The Sunday Morning Prelude Version is intended to be a more quickly accessible version of the arrangement. The intent of the arrangement remains the same but technical demands for the players is lessened so this version can be played utilizing less rehearsal time.

This particular arrangement has a sort of ‘cinematic flair’ to it that is sure to be enjoyed by both the players and the congregation as it attempts to honor the holiness of God.