Jericho Horns – Volume 1 is designed for praise band instrumentation of 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, 2 saxes and rhythm section.

     11 hymns arranged for a praise/worship band instrumentation in various jazz and swing styles. There is some improvisation in these arrangements, but a written-out suggested solo sheet is provided with chords for various instruments in the band.  


Alto Sax (opt. Soprano Sax on: O Sacred Head, Now Wounded)

Tenor Sax (opt. Baritone Sax on: To God Be the Glory, Swing Low, and God of Grace)

Trumpet 1 & 2

Trombone 1 & 2


Piano (written out with chords)

Bass Part (written out with chords)


Substitution parts included in every arrangement:

Flute (substitute for Alto Sax)

Tenor Sax 2 & 3 (substitute for Trombone 1 & 2)

Trombone 3 (substitute for Tenor Sax)

Trumpet 3 (substitute for Alto Sax)

Tenor Sax (sub. for Trumpet 1 & 2 – play directly off of Trumpet 1 & 2 music)

Trumpet (sub. for Tenor Sax – play Tenor Sax music down an octave)


Solo Sheets provided:

C Treble Clef

Bb Treble Clef

Eb Treble Clef

C Bass Clef

     You can purchase each song individually or buy the complete set and save some money. All songs (and the complete set) are available as downloadable pdfs so you can have the arrangements immediately after your order goes through.