If you want to immediately have MP3s of our arrangements, you can order here then download them immediately.

The songs are available for $.99 each or $6.99 for a complete set of songs. If you want to have MP3s for all of your players, please just order as many copies as you need for your players. If you have 5 players, then make the quantity 5 in the shopping cart. Easy enough. If you ever need to make more CDs for new players, just order as many more as you need.

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  • AK Little Big Band MP3s

    You can purchase MP3s of each of the songs in the AK Little Big Band series here for only $.99 each. If you want to burn 15 CDs for your band, simply make the quantity 15 for each song when you purchase them. This is a GREAT way to make ‘legal’ rehearsal CDs for your […]

**This feature is coming soon.