The Master’s Brass Quintet Series Volume 2 is a series of hymns designed for the typical brass quintet: Trumpet 1 & 2, Horn, Trombone and Tuba.

Additional substitution parts include:Alto Sax (sub for Trumpet 2), Alto Sax (sub for Horn), Trumpet 3 (sub for Horn), Tenor Sax (sub for Trombone), Alto Sax (sub for Trombone), and Baritone Sax (sub for Tuba).

Exciting yet playable arrangements for the typical above average high school level musician. Download copies of the scores for free today to decide if the arrangements will work for your group. Just click on any song title and then click PDF Sample Score. All of these arrangements can be heard on the Master’s Brass Quintet Listening CD Vol. 1-3 in the Listening CD section of the catalog.

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  • All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name-brass quintet

    This is one of the bright and majestic arrangements in this series. This would serve wonderfully as a prelude to a service, or as the beginning of the service itself. Accessible to most players. Grade 3 Click below to listen to a demo of this arrangement: [audio:allhail9808.mp3]

  • Crown Him with Many Crowns-brass quintet

    The other majestic fanfare arrangement in the set. Works great as an opening to a service. This is probably the best fanfare in the series. This will challenge the players, but they will love this one! Grade 4 Click below to listen to a demo of this arrangement: [audio:crownhim9808.mp3]

  • Holy, Holy, Holy-brass quintet

    A majestic and moving setting of this incredible hymn. To me this hymn says it all. This is the song we will sing for eternity at the throne of God. Have them start pretty soft and then just let them go to the end. Strong and powerful. Grade 2 Click below to listen to a […]

  • Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee-brass quintet

    This is a very simple yet worshipful arrangement of this well-known hymn. Starts very soft and builds through to the end. The players and the congregation will enjoy this arrangement. Grade 2 Click below to listen to a demo of this arrangement: [audio:joyful9808.mp3]

  • Leanin’ on the Everlastin’ Arms-brass quintet

    This one should have just been called Leanin’. This one is pretty challenging. I like to provide one relatively challenging jazz arrangement that’s pretty up-tempo in each series. This is the one. Trumpet 2 has an ad lib solo at the beginning, but a written solo is provided. Grade 4 Click below to listen to […]

  • Master’s Brass Quintet Vol. 2 – Complete Set

    This is the music for all parts, substitution parts and conductor’s score for all 10 titles.

  • My Jesus I Love Thee-brass quintet

    A beautiful arrangement of this well-loved him. It’s very easy to play, but there such a great opportunity for your brass players to play musically. Grade 1 Click below to listen to a demo of this arrangement: [audio:myjesus9808.mp3]

  • Our Great Savior-brass quintet

    A well-known and loved hymn, and Aaron has done a superb job in providing a simple but moving arrangement. Flows very well. Grade 2 Click below to listen to a demo of this arrangement: [audio:ourgreat9808.mp3]

  • Peace Like a River-brass quintet

    This is one of the really fun arrangements in this series. Aaron arranged this one, and he knows jazz. You’ll be able to tell by the chords, the voicing and the groove of this arrangement. One of my favorites. Make sure they get really soft in the middle, because that’s where they can really swing. […]

  • Praise to the Lord-brass quintet

    A powerful arrangement of this mighty hymn. This is a great opener to the worship service , but would also work anywhere in the service. Grade 3 Click below to listen to a demo of this arrangement: [audio:praiseto9808.mp3]