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  • A Whole Lot of Horns – Special Offer

    HORNS ARE BACK! (I know, I know-they never ‘officially’ left. BUT they are showing more of a comeback with many different style groups incorporating horn sections and thusly appear to be back. Yes…we never technically left…But…well, you get the idea.) To celebrate this resurgence of horn sections (Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and Prince have some […]

  • Horns & Rhythm – Christmas

        Christmas is a GREAT time to feature a horn section, so I have created an entire worship service that features horns on every song! With this series, you have 1 instrumental feature and 4 congregational arrangements of beloved Christmas carols.     If you have a contemporary, rhythm driven worship style, why not make one […]

  • Horns & Rhythm – Retro Worship

    If modern worship songs were recorded in the 1980’s, what would they sound like? Would there be influences of Boston, Journey, Phil Collins/Genesis and other groups in the sound? I think so. Many modern churches, through inception or adaptation, are utilizing a rhythm driven style of music. What I have tried to do through AnderKamp […]

  • Horns and Rhythm-Retro Hymns (Bring on the Funk!)

    Click to view more information, view song titles, listening to samples and to purchase and download the music.

  • Horns and Rhythm-Worship

    If you are looking for rhythm driven arrangements BUT that utilize more than just the rhythm section, then Horns and Rhythm-Worship is for you! This project features some of the most popular worship songs today like: In Christ Alone, How Great Is Our God, Here I Am to Worship and Blessed Be Your Name As […]

  • Retro Hymns 2

    Retro Hymns 2 is NOW AVAILABLE! Buy the record on iTunes and download the sheet music here!

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