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  • 09 Leaning On the Everlasting Arms-Retro Hymns

    The rhythm section groove/feel was inspired by Earth, Wind and Fire’s Kalimba and also Another One Bites the Dust. For the horn section, I wanted to give a shout out to probably the greatest horn section arranger of all times, Jerry Hey. This is one of those fun, funky horn section charts where the guys […]

  • 10 My Jesus I Love Thee-Retro Hymns

    This is one of the 2 ballads in the series. This is a throwback to all the keyboard ballads in the 80s. There’s a little bit of a funk groove going on in the rhythm section. This arrangement is a flugelhorn/trumpet feature. This will be pretty simple to pull together and would be a GREAT […]

  • 11 Old-Time Religion-Retro Hymns

    Funky. Pure and simple. Funky. We got our inspiration by the groove of songs like Play That Funky Music White Boy. A pretty standard funk groove PLUS, wait for it…Cowbell! There are some fun solo opportunities and we have suggested solos written out to help your players get started improvising. The trombone solo on the […]

  • 13 Horns & Rhythm-Retro Hymns DVD Rom

    This is the ultimate package for the Horns & Rhythm-Retro Hymns series!   INCLUDED on the DVD Rom: PDF files of all the music Finale files (Finale 2011) Section Wave Files (Guitars, Drums, Keys, Bass, Loops, Horns (no solos), and Click) Stereo Rhythm Tracks-so the horn section can practice Split Rhythm Tracks-so the rhythm section […]

  • 14 Horns & Rhythm-Retro Hymns Stereo Tracks CD

    These are the stereo tracks for the Horns and Rhythm-Retro Hymns series. This CD contains stereo tracks of the rhythm section only. There are no horns or horn section solos. This CD is a perfect tool for the horn section to practice with and for a soloist to practice with.  

  • 15 Horns & Rhythm-Retro Hymns Split Track Rhythm CD/MP3

    This CD contains split track rhythm section only (no horns). Drums are in the center. Keys and bass are on the left. Guitars are on the right. This CD is designed as a perfect tool for the rhythm section to practice with. This is the ultimate help in getting these grooves/feels down.

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