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This is a great worship song by Matt Redman. When you listen to his original recording, you’ll realize that Matt is a U2 fan. I made this arrangement in the ‘feel’ of how I think U2 would do this song. The rhythm section on this arrangement is Absolutely Amazing!!! It’s got such a cool vibe.

For all the completely contemporary churches out there, you can NEVER go wrong with this version.

From the Ebow on the guitar to the Chicago-style horn section, this arrangement is quite simply “cool.”

Your guitar players will LOVE this arrangement.

This arrangement is in the key of C

Instrumentation Descriptions:


This has guitars written all over it. This track turned out so cool. Let the guitar players listen to the recording and they will know what to do.

There are no keys/piano on this track. It is ALL guitars!!! Just let your piano player sit out on this one tune and let the guitars shine!

This is a driving rock groove.

The bass plays a moving 8th pattern throughout the song. This is not a difficult tune for him at all. A written out bass part with chords is provided (‘could’ use synth bass if you don’t have a live one).

Horn Section:
This is not a real difficult piece for the horn section. Featuring an Alto Sax at the beginning (written out), this really builds to the full horn section double chorus. It’s powerful and SOOOO hip! The first trumpet has a couple high D’s, but could play them down. The trombone 1 has a solo with an optional 8va part the 2nd time that is so smooth! (That’s Roy Agee on trombone). The background horn section licks on the chorus turned out great. The horn section will love this tune and the congregational version will be a huge hit.

Instrumentation is: 2 trumpets, alto sax, tenor sax, 2 trombones and rhythm section. A written out piano part AND bass part are provided with this arrangement. For copyright reasons, this arrangement can only be shipped (no download/email).

There is a congregational version of every arrangement included as well. The congregational version includes a lead vocal line. Use the instrumental feature version as an opener to the service and then use the congregational version during the worship service. Once your guys hear this version, they won’t ever want to do another version of this tune!!!

All arrangements are $40 each, which includes the Full Instrumental Feature version AND the Congregational Version.