This exciting Celtic flared Violin/Fiddle feature with Full Orchestra is sure to be a highlight of your Christmas program. Though the solo violinist will require advanced level technique, the full orchestra accompaniment is well within the reach of amateur players.

Here’s what is great about this arrangement:

• If you have a principal violinist, feature them and they will LOVE this challenge!

• If you don’t have a principal that could tackle this, hire the principal of the local symphony to come in and be featured as a guest artist on the song.

The solo violin part is completely written out with bowings.

The full orchestra instrumentation is:

Solo Violin • Piccolo • Flute / Oboe • Penny-whistle • Clarinet in Bb I, II • French Horn I, II • French Horn III, IV • Trumpet I • Trumpet II, III • Trombone I, II • Bass Trombone / Tuba • Timpani • Glockenspiel • Percussion I • Percussion II • Percussion III • Percussion IV • Harp • Violin I • Violin II • Viola • Cello • Contrabass • Rhythm chart • Conductor’s Score

Want to see and hear this arrangement? Click on the link below to hear Deborah Klemme featured on this high energy, Celtic inspired arrangement. For those of you who have heard Keith and Kristyn Getty in concert, Deborah is the ‘fiddle’ player (and background vocalist) with them and she does an amazing job on this.


All parts and conductor’s score are included in the download below. Download today and get ready for a moment to remember in your Christmas program!