A lush arrangement featuring solo flugelhorn (written out) with full orchestra and rhythm section accompaniment, this beautiful and sweeping rendition of Silent Night will be loved by ALL who are involved (players and listeners).

As a trumpet player all my life (ok since 7th grade), I have wanted to play a trumpet solo with a huge orchestra backing me up. There just have not been that many really great, affordable arrangements designed for that exact purpose. Until now…

Click below to hear the demonstration recording of this arrangement:

[audio:Silent Night-Flugel and Strings.mp3]

The recording features Steve Patrick (first call Nashville session player and mouthpiece maker www.patrickmouthpieces.com) on flugelhorn. You’ll also hear a full string section as well as rhythm section on the recording.

We have written out what Steve plays exactly so you can listen to the recording, look at the sheet music and play along. The piano part and the upright bass parts have also been written out to make it easier for the rhythm section to practice/perform this piece.

Along with music for trumpet/flugelhorn in Bb Treble Clef (also could work for Soprano Sax/Tenor Sax/Baritone), we provide a C Treble Clef (Flute/Oboe), Eb Treble Clef (Alto Sax) and a C Bass Clef (Trombone/Baritone) solo part so you could feature whichever soloists is most appropriate for your orchestra.

Instrumentation is:

Solo written out in C Treble, Bb Treble, Eb Treble, C Bass

FluteĀ  1-2, Oboe, Clarinet 1 & 2, Horn 1-3, Trumpet 1-2, Trombone 1-4(Tuba), Violin 1-2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Bells(Glockenspiel), Timpani, Harp, Rhythm, written out Piano, written out Upright Bass, String Synth 1 (Violins & Viola), String Synth 2 (Cello & Ac. Bass), Alto Sax 1-3 (sub for Horn 1-3) and Tenor Sax 1-2 (sub for Trombone 1-2)

You can purchase the demonstration recording here to listen to (only $1.49).

You can purchase the accompaniment track here to practice with and perform to.

If you’re just performing with the accompaniment CD, you can purchase only the solo parts here.

This arrangement is a nod to both Clifford Brown With Strings and one of the great living legendary flugelhorn players, Bobby Shew. I hope you enjoy it.

Be it a church, a symphony, a school orchestra or even civic orchestra, you will LOVE playing this beautiful arrangement!