There is not a lot of music out there written specifically for strings to perform in church. These beautiful arrangements, designed for string ensembles of various sizes, can be played in churches and will be enjoyed by the listeners AND the performers.

Arranged for Violin 1, 2, Viola, Cello and String Bass, this series will work with a String Quintet all the way up to a full symphonic string section. Along with the string parts, percussion parts (Timpani, Bells, Cymbals etc) have been created. For churches/groups that do not have a full string section, string synth parts have been created to help support or fill in the ensembles. Multiple versions of string reductions have been created to specifically help fill in the gaps as needed.

This series was arranged by Jeff Anderson. Jeff is a composer, arranger and songwriter with over 35 videos scored and over 120 of his songs recorded on CDs. As a film composer, Jeff wanted to create a series for strings designed to be played in church but to have a ‘film score’ type sound. Lush, wide sweeping scores are his signature sound, and this series delivers on that description. These arrangements will create a powerful, memorable experience in churches of all different denominations and styles. These arrangements are NOT incredibly difficult to play, so they can performed with limited rehearsal time if needed. If you have the time to truly work on dynamics, tempos and blending, this series will help create a powerful worship experience for all involved.