This well known hymn is arranged in a 2 beat Southern Gospel style with rhythm section and full orchestration. This arrangement works with just a rhythm section, but a complete orchestration has been provided to add even more energy and excitement.

If you are looking to do a Bluegrass style worship service, the rhythm chart will work great for bluegrass players. We initially did this during a bluegrass worship day at The People’s Church and I’ve arranged it now in a Southern Gospel style. Either way will work great!

You can order the anthem and orchestration as downloads and have the music immediately. When you need to order more copies as your group grows, just come back and order more copies of the downloadable version.

I moved to Nashville in 1996 to study with Lari Goss (conducted MANY orchestra sessions for him) and you’ll be able to tell his influence on me with this arrangement. Hope you enjoy it!