I’ve got a free brass quintet for you (link down below to download it) but I would love to tell you about how and why I created it.

I’ve played trumpet now for 40 years (started in 7th grade). I have played in all sorts of brass ensembles. I have played in wind ensembles, concert bands, marching bands, symphonies, pit orchestras, big bands, horn sections, church orchestras and, of course…brass ensembles.

Over the years, I have played in a LOT of brass groups and have played a TON of brass music. (A LOT!!!!) As a brass player, you can often tell when the music is written by someone who is not a brass player and doesn’t understand the physical requirements to play a brass instrument.

There is one simple concept that MANY arrangers miss.

Get the horn off the face!

Back in college, I remember playing a ‘background music’ concert in a brass quintet where we played for probably about an hour to an hour and a half. The band director just pulled together some brass quintet music that he could find and probably about 15 minutes in to the performance, it was VERY CLEAR that whoever arranged this music had never played a brass instrument and had never had a conversation with brass players to understand what ‘endurance’ meant in regards to writing. And it wasn’t that the music was high. That wasn’t the issue. It was the fact that there were literally NO RESTS in the first 3-4 songs! It was brutal. The simple idea of taking a measure or two once in awhile to get the horn off the face would have made all the difference in the world!

I have lived in Nashville, Tennessee now for almost 28 years (January 2024 is 28 years). I am a composer, arranger, orchestrator and trumpet player that has had the wonderful opportunity to work with a ton of artists for records, live shows, movies, tv shows and video games (Call of Duty, Madden, Taken, Lee Greenwood, Kris Kristofferson, Danny Gokey).

But the thing musically I am most proud of began back in January of 1998.

I created AnderKamp Music with the desire to create great sounding arrangements for brass that were accessible. The first project I created was The Master’s Brass Quintet Series – Volume 1 (Hymns). This collection of ten hymns was created with the idea that you could actually open up a service at a church with a brass feature and NOT be completely worn out when you finished it.

I now have 65 arrangements in 8 volumes of brass quintets designed for all seasons of the year.

In my brass quintet catalog, I have music for Christmas, Easter, Patriotic Sevices (4th of July, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day) and Thanksgiving. And there are folk songs, spirituals and hymns to cover whatever special situation you might have.

Click here to view all of the brass quintets.

I would love for you to try one of our brass arrangements for FREE!

Here is the link to go straight to the ordering/download page for the FREE arrangement.


If you are looking for music for your brass quintet to play this Christmas, The Master’s Brass Quintet Series – Volume 3 (Christmas) is a set of 10 Christmas songs arranged for brass quintet in a way that is great sounding, challenging, yet readily accessible and won’t blow your chops out.

When you purchase the set of 10 arrangements, there is a discount, so click here for more information.

And if you like REALLY great deals, we have a crazy good deal on ALL 8 Volumes of The Master’s Brass Quintet Series! That’s 65 arrangements that can literally give you over a year’s worth of weekly brass features for your brass group. You can save a HUGE CHUNK OF MONEY and not have to worry about finding additional music for a year.

Click here for more information on the ‘All the Seasons’ 8 Volume Brass Quintet Special.