These play-a-long routines for trumpet were created by Steve Patrick, Jeff Bailey and Jeff Anderson. Steve/Jeff play the exercises then you play them back to a click.

You can download the app to your iPad or iPhone here, and you will receive one exercise from all 5 different routines for free.

Open any of the routines currently available and on the bottom of the page is a blue menu bar with navigation controls to go forward and backwards within the routine. There’s a Play/Pause button. Hit play and you’ll hear either Jeff Bailey or Steve Patrick play the exercise first, and then you play it back (typically to a click as in the sample above).

You can try one exercise from all 5 routines for free and when you’re ready, you can purchase any routine for only $9.99. Once purchased, the audio files/sheet music for that entire routine will download to your device. This may take a few minutes and if you go out of that particular routine and go back in, you will see the status bar telling you it is downloading the tracks. Once they are downloaded, you will have them on your device to use wherever you want to practice.

Download Trumpet Routines from the App Store today!