When we began this company back in 1998, we started with 10 brass quintet arrangements. Little did I realize at that time the impact those 10 arrangements would have on churches around the United States and now the world. When we launched AnderKamp Music, we struck a chord with folks who had brass players in their church who WANTED to play but they didn’t know where to find music for them.


Enter ‘The Master’s Brass Quintet Series”

Here we are 18 years later with 7 volumes of brass quintet with arrangements for every Sunday, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July/Patriotic/Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Communion, Preludes and Offertories.

If you are looking for brass music to play in a church setting that will sound great BUT BUT BUT it will be easy to pull together and not kill your chops, then we have what you’re looking for.

I’ve created playlists of many of our projects on our YouTube Channel so you can listen to the arrangements while getting a little more information about the series. There are links where you can click on to bring you back to our website to purchase the arrangements. If you like the arrangements, make sure to purchase the complete set to save the most money!

Here are some of the playlists from The Master’s Brass Quintet Series you can listen to for free:


The Master’s Brass Quintet Series Volume 1 (Hymns)

The Master’s Brass Quintet Series Volume 2 (Hymns)

The Master’s Brass Quintet Series Volume 3 (Christmas)

The Master’s Brass Quintet Series Volume 4 (Easter)

The Master’s Brass Quintet Series Volume 6 (Folk Songs and Spirituals)

All of these arrangements can be purchased and downloaded IMMEDIATELY from the Catalog link on the top of the screen.