Since I started the Horns & Rhythm – Retro Hymns project, I’ve had the idea of doing tutorials for rhythm section players to help them better get the idea of the groove/feel of the arrangements. It’s all good to write out the drum pattern, but MOST musicians are visual and it’s easier when you watch a video of it anyway. Besides that…I think it’s super cool (but I don’t get out of the house much, admittedly). Chirp. Chirp.

With the help of Brent Clifford (from him alone, his was already taken, it’s not an ego thing), I’ve shot videos of the drum grooves for all 11 songs in the series.

Here is the first drum tutorial for Old Time Religion with kind of a ‘Play That Funky Music White Boy’ sort of feel/groove. If you’re a worship pastor, instrumental director or the band director, this is a super easy way to SHOW your drummer the feel for this song. And, they’ll think you’re pretty cool too.

Special thanks to the Canon t2i for the main camera and my KODAK Zi8 for the bass drum footage!

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