Horn sections. It’s no secret that I love them. I started playing trumpet in 7th grade (53 now…you do the math) and I have LOVED a horn section since the first time I heard a Chicago record. There is so much energy and excitement when you add horns. And there are some really great worship songs out there right now and some of them just seem to be screaming “PUT HORNS ON ME!!!!!”.

So that’s what I’m doing.

I am so excited to introduce to you the BRAND NEW collection from our Horns & Rhythm series called:

Horns & Rhythm – Modern Worship – Volume 1

This is exactly what it says. Instrumental arrangements of modern worship songs designed for Horns & Rhythm.

There are 6 arrangements in this series. Each arrangement is available for $60. So purchasing all 6 arrangements would be $360. But you can purchase the complete set of 6 arrangements for $300 so it’s like getting one of the arrangements for FREE!

These 6 arrangements are INSTRUMENTAL FEATURES perfect for pre/post service, offertory and concerts.


Recorded with Horn Section (2 trumpets, 2 trombones, 2-3 saxes) and Rhythm Section (Rhythm chart and written out piano chart included!)

ALSO included:

Flutes, Oboe, Clarinet, Trumpet 3 (additional part), Trombone 3 and Tuba, Violins, Viola, Cello and Arco Bass

So though these are ‘horn section’ arrangements, there are additional parts to include additional players up to a full orchestra to include MORE players in worship.

Songs included are:

Praise (Elevation Worship) – YIKES!!!! Hang on!!!! This one is HUGE! This is a drum and percussion feature and we have written it to be able to feature a marching band/drumline. Yes…marching band and drumline on TOP of the horns and rhythm section. The horns and the rhythm section can play the arrangement by themselves BUT you have the opportunity to bring in drums and marching band to create a moment that your folks will never forget! This gives you the opportunity to work with your church youth band or local schools to create a multi-generational worship celebration! And if you’ve got a school band/orchestra/marching band, ANY ONE OF THOSE GROUPS COULD PLAY THIS ONE! As a special bonus, I have created a big band version of this song (5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones + rhythm) that is also included with this order. So this arrangement can work with so many different instrumental ensembles.


Goodness of God – powerful worship moment with a slight R&B groove that builds into a powerful bridge section and ends in a mellow, worshipful setting. Great, simple to play flugel solo featured.


Graves Into Gardens – Memphis + Horns. Oh man..the first time I heard this song, this is how I wanted to play it. You’ll LOVE the horns on this one. This is a guitar feature plus horns in the key of G. So the horns have a backup feel to a smokin’ guitar player. This could also work as a congregational accompaniment in the Key of G. It’s not hard to play but it SURE SOUNDS GOOD! EVERY GUITAR PLAYER WILL WANT TO PLAY THIS ONE IN CHURCH!!! If you don’t have a guitar player that can play the solo, I have also provided written out solos for both Alto and Tenor Sax so you have some options.


That’s My King – This arrangement is in the style of the CeCe Winans version of this powerful up-tempo gospel worship song. Church..You gonna have some church on this one. There are some killer horn licks on this one and the rhythm section jumps in on the fun with some full band licks. Check out the 2 horn breaks in tThis is going to be a HUGE HIT ANYTIME you play it!


Holy Forever – This arrangement is in the style of the Chris Tomlin version of the song and is meant to be a worshipful moment very similar to the way that he recorded it. This is intended to be the readily accessible, easy to pull together arrangement in the series, but is still very powerful and moving.


Don’t Fight Alone – This popular song by our worship pastor here at Church of the City – Nashville, Jon Reddick (as heard on the radio and his tour) is arranged in a gospel 6/8 feel that you will LOVE. It’s got a laid back feel that just pockets so well. This song is the perfect Alto Sax feature (written out solo).


So many of you have bought our horn arrangements over the years and no what to expect from us when we say ‘Horns & Rhythm’. If you don’t, check out Retro Hymns 2 here to get an idea of our arrangements, and purchase that complete set if you haven’t!  🙂

Now is the PERFECT TIME to purchase the complete set for only $300!

My desire with this project is that more instrumentalists have the opportunity to use their gifts in worship in a creative, exciting and enjoyable way.