Every trumpet players wants to be able to play up in the high register. Steve Patrick (lead trumpet in The Smoking Section/former
Maynard Ferguson trumpeter/first call session player/creator-Patrick Mouthpieces) created and recorded this routine.

Steve, one of the most in demand trumpet players today, has created a range routine
to help you focus on playing with power and support throughout the entire range of the horn.

And yes, there are a few double C’s recorded in the routine to inspire you and to give you something to work towards and even beyond!

If you have heard Tim Akers & The Smoking Section, then you have ABSOLUTELY heard Steve Patrick!

BUT…in case you haven’t..hang on! Here’s Steve on lead with The Smoking Section on the soli section of Tim Aker’s version of Shake It Off. (HANG ON!!!!)

(Steve Patrick – Lead Trumpet, Mike Barry – Trumpet, Barry Green – Trombone, Mark Douthit – Alto Sax (solo), Doug Moffet – Tenor Sax) Shake It Off – soli section arranged by Tim Akers for Tim Akers and The Smoking Section.



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