Good, Good Father written by Anthony Brown and Pat Barrett.

The just add…Horns series are modular horn arrangements for modern worship.

Some of the key features of the just add…Horns series are:

• Modular arrangements for maximum flexibility

• Playable horn arrangements written by a horn player

• Each section of song clearly labeled with Section Names (Verse, Chorus etc), Lyrics AND Hand Symbols

• Multiple Keys (revoiced when needed)

• Multiple Substitution Parts

• Rhythm Chart included

• Chord AND Number Charts included (great for guitars that want to capo!)

Instrumentation: Trumpets, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, 2 Trombones

BUT these charts have been written to also work with:

• 2 Trumpets, 1 Tenor Sax and 1 Trombone

• 1 Trumpet, 1 Tenor Sax and 1 Trombone

Substitution parts provided are:
• Flute 1 & 2 (for Trumpet 1 & 2-often written 8va)

• Trumpet 3 (for Alto Sax)

• Alto Sax 2 (for Trumpet 2)

• Tenor Sax 2 & 3 (for Trombone 1 & 2)

• Trombone 3 (for Tenor Sax)


This horn arrangement is based around the version with Chris Tomlin featuring Pat Barrett.

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