Arranged in the AK Little Big Band style, this big band arrangement is a tenor sax feature and will be a beautiful calm moment in the middle of any musical situation.

The arrangement is not difficult to play and can be performed with minimal rehearsal time. The tenor sax solo is completely written out so your sax player can simply play what is written to copy the recording. But there are chord changes if they want to ad lib.

The AK Little Big Band Series was recorded with full big band, but you could use a 2/2/2 horn section (trumpet/sax/trombone) if you can not find all the players.. This is the most flexible jazz series you will ever find! It can literally grow with your group’s instrumentation.

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ANY size group. Maximum flexibility!

Instrumentation is:
Alto Sax 1 & 2
Tenor Sax 1 & 2
Bari Sax
Trumpet 1-4
Trombone 1-4
Rhythm chart

Written out piano part


You can hear the arrangement below (also on our YouTube Channel)