I’ve said this for years. When I am trying to learn something, I immediately go to YouTube to see if someone has made a video of how to do it (and someone usually has). I can try and read a manual, but if there aren’t pretty pictures (diagrams), it’s like pulling teeth to me.

It is always easier when I can see it happen. And there is that inevitable ‘aha’ moment when I’m watching someone do something and think, ‘THAT’S how you do that!’

As a musician (composer, orchestrator, arranger, copyists), I am grateful for the formal education I have had. I have had some truly wonderful teachers. But what has truly shaped my career, my approach to music, can best be summed up with two words:

Sitting In

Over the next few blog posts, I will be sharing some specific moments in my musical journey that began by me simply ‘sitting in’ and watching/observing recording sessions of other musicians.

How about you?

Do you recall any moments where you sat in a meeting, presentation, sales pitch or like me, a recording session and had one of those ‘aha’ moments where you came out saying, “THAT’S how you do that!”?