I began AnderKamp Music back in 1998 to help churches, schools and individuals find creative, great sounding arrangements that some of the other ‘big’ publishers weren’t publishing. I have had the wonderful opportunity to partner with many different wonderfully gifted arrangers over the years as a result. Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to another incredibly talented arranger and composer, Matt Riley.

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A little info about Matt:

Matthew Riley is a composer, arranger, orchestrator, and producer. He has composed for radio and tv commercials and scored music for documentary films. He has worked in charting and orchestration for TV shows including NBC’s The Voice. He has arranged, produced and orchestrated hundreds of songs for churches and recording artists. His arrangements have been heard in theaters, churches, schools and performed by orchestras in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. He lives in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and three kids.

Matt is Instrumental Director at New Hope Church in New Hope, MN so he understands church orchestra.

Matt let me hear an arrangement he did for solo violin/fiddle and full orchestra and I LOVED it! His arrangement of ‘Of The Father’s Love Begotten’ has a Celtic flare to it and it is HIGH ENERGY!

If you have a gifted violin player, they will love this. If you don’t, not a problem. Contact your local symphony and have the principal violinist come be a guest artist for your Christmas program.

For more information and to order the downloadable version and have it immediately for rehearsals, click here

Matt featured the incredibly gifted Deborah Klemme in their Christmas program last year and made a video of the performance. For those of you who know our friends, Keith and Kristyn Getty, Deborah plays violin/filddle and sings background vocals for them on the road (and on their recordings). In short, this video of Deborah and Matt’s orchestra sounds amazing!

There are strings attached to this, but when the arrangement is finished your principal violinist may have a few strings/hairs loose after this!


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