There are those moments in the recording studio that are somewhat surreal. They are the “I can’t believe that just happened!” coupled with “And we recorded that!!!!”

Awhile back as I was recording my Retro Hymns 2 collection from the Horns & Rhythm Series, I was recording the ad lib solos for the song “Power In the Blood.” Barry Green had already recorded a killer trombone solo (He ALWAYS DOES!) and Mark Douthit had recorded a smoking sax solo (Mark is $$$$ every time!).

Time for trumpet.

Steve Patrick and I have been friends since we toured together in TRUTH back in 1992 (and he was a BEAST of a player back then!).  So I had Steve come in to do a solo for the song. We were talking styles and decided to ‘kind of’ do a Freddie Hubbard kind of vibe. So he did the solo and then said, “Hey, I’ve got an idea for another style of solo. Could you give me another track?”

Yes…the answer is ALWAYS YES when a first call studio musician asks for another track because he has an idea. ALWAYS YES!

So I cue up another track, he switches mouthpieces (possibly horns-can’t remember now) and says “This one is going to be louder.”

And maybe 10 minutes later we have this fairly ridiculous lead trumpet type solo where he sits on a High A and then slides up to a D above Double C.

Yeah..that happened…And….I got it on tape. So here’s the recording of ‘Power in the Blood’ from our Retro Hymns 2 collection in our Horns and Rhythm Series. Hope you enjoy it!

Here’s a video of the recording

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