Stupidity Intolerance Pills

• Enhances digestion of unpalatable thought

• Provides placebo relief from crazy people

• Allows for a passive aggressive response


     You can’t fix stupid…

     But you can medicate* it

* Who are we kidding? These pills have NO MEDICAL BENEFITS WHATSOEVER! If you think these ‘pills’ can help, well…you may want to consider taking a couple more. 🙂


This is absolutely just a fun gag gift and a fun conversation starter with the bottle sitting on your desk, counter or ANYWHERE ‘intelligent’ conversation tends to happen.


Pricing (continental US only please):

1 bottle $4 + $2 shipping (total of $6)

5 bottles $3.75 each + $4 shipping (total of $22.75)

10 bottles $3.50 each  + $5 shipping (total of $40)

25+ bottles (we are going to be friends…send me a message and we’ll figure out something) click here to send me an email


To get your first prescription (again…this is NOT MEDICINE and provides NO ACTUAL MEDICAL BENEFIT), you can Venmo me below and be sure to provide your address (inside Continental United States only please)

CLICK HERE TO VENMO ME (don’t forget your address and quantity)