I don’t know but he’s off the payroll (What do I do?)

When I first moved to Nashville, almost 21 years ago (January 1996), I moved here to 'do music'. In my mind, I knew what that meant. Music. Simple enough. But there are really a whole lot of facets to what I have had the opportunity to do throughout my musical career. After about 5 or [...]

Panama City Pops Orchestra

I had the opportunity January 16th to fly down to Panama City as the Panama City Pops Orchestra, under the baton of Maestro Eddie Rackley, played my arrangement of Holy, Holy, Holy as the encore to their concert. The concert featured Grammy Award winning composer and artist Dick Tunney performing his Monkee's Concerto on the [...]

Sitting In – with Bruce Broughton

Back in high school (mid/late 80s), our assistant band director wrote an arrangement of Bruce Broughton's iconic score to 'Silverado' for the marching band. It was one of 'those' moments for me...a shaping moment. I loved the music and how it worked with the film. That was a pivotal moment for me in my love [...]

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