I have had a number of folks recently ask about billing the church so they can pay by check instead of using a credit card/paying through PayPal. I haven’t ‘officially’ announced that I can do this but I am certainly happy to do that.

If you want to bill the church, simply send me an email jeff@anderkampmusic.com and tell me what you want to purchase. I will email you the PDFs (probably through a dropbox link depending on file size) and I will include an invoice that the church can pay by check. This way you can have the music (even for tomorrow nights rehearsal) and you don’t have to go through the process of reimbursement if you have to use your own credit card.

I am happy to bill the church for any projects that I can email you the files. If I need to ship you actual music/cds, then you can go through the paypal/credit card process.

Ready to get going on the Retro Hymns Complete Set? Send me an email today and you’ll have the music right away!

You can listen to a couple of the Retro Hymns below:

Go ahead, listen to the intro and then say, “More cowbell!”

Old-Time Religion [audio:Old-Time Religion-H&R_Retro.mp3]


Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee [audio:Joyful Joyful-H&R_Retro.mp3]