Though I started AnderKamp Music in 1998, I have finally, with the help of my advisors, put to words the mission statement of my company.


AnderKamp Music provides world-class music for churches by creating accessible arrangements,

giving instrumentalists the opportunity to use their gifts to glorify God.

So many churches across the United States and literally around the world are going through transitions of musical styles. They call them ‘worship wars’ for a reason. There is often times a large amount of carnage that happens. Many churches were started with a contemporary worship style based music. Meaning, rhythm section and a few singers. That’s how the church began and that’s how it is today. Other churches began as a more traditional style of music (choir, orchestra, organ, piano etc) and are moving/have moved to a contemporary worship style.

My goal with AnderKamp Music is to try and create music for where you are right now and where you are wanting to go with one specific goal:DON’T DISPLACE MUSICIANS USING THEIR GIFTS. Plain and simple.

I believe my job as an arranger/creator/publisher is to create music that allows you to use more musicians in worship in a way that makes sense! That is a critical piece. It does need to make sense. If it’s Southern Gospel Sunday, then maybe your Uilleann Pipe player should take that day off. (just sayin’) But there are many creative ways to include brass, woodwinds, strings and percussion in a contemporary worship service. And if we (the arrangers) do a good job, you will have allowed more people to use their gifts in worship, giving them a stronger sense of community and loyalty to your church AND you will have created a fresh, unique sound that is unlike the ‘typcial’ worship sound you may hear in other churches.

That really is my goal. I want people to be able to enjoy using their gifts to glorify God as often as possible.

I grew up in playing trumpet in my church orchestra at Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola. I was in 8th grade (28 years ago) when I sat down and played for the first time. The feeling of playing in a group worshiping God with their instrumental gifts is hard to describe. But I know what it feels like. I truly love it. It’s how I’ve lived my life. It is a tithe of my life to be able to play trumpet in church. I am truly at peace sitting in church playing my trumpet.

Any time I have the opportunity through AnderKamp Music to help churches INCLUDE more people in worship and not DISPLACE them, I truly (to quote Chariots of Fire) ‘feel God’s pleasure’.

That’s what I am all about here at AnderKamp Music. How about you?