Some folks like to read information about a project. For others, a visual is easier to help you wrap your head around a project. I’m more of a visual guy, so here is a quick video overview of ourĀ  Retro Worship collection from our Horns & Rhythm series. Similar in idea to our Retro Hymns project, we have taken modern worship songs and gone ‘back in time’ a little bit. This time, towards the 1980s. This means you’ll hear some synths, some old school rock guitars and, of course, a horn section.

If you are a rhythm section driven church and are looking for something different for a Sunday, this project would be GREAT for you. If you don’t feature horns every week, this collection works great! Use these arrangements as openers and during the offertory (and at the end of the service) to add energy, excitement and ‘something different’ to your worship service.

But along with the ‘something different’ mindset, the real benefit of this series is one thing:


Simply put, you allow more folks to use their gifts in worship in a creative way that will ABSOLUTELY WORK in today’s contemporary style! Horns were very prominent in the 1980s, and the Christian industry followed suit in the late 80s into the 90s. This is the time. Horns are back! Horns are cool! Horns WORK IN TODAY’S CONTEMPORARY STYLE.

Enough talk. Here’s the video overview of the series:



For more information, to hear more audio samples and to purchase the complete set of the Retro Worship arrangements, click here