What if today’s worship songs were recorded in the 1980s?

What musical influences would you hear?

Would there be hints of Boston, Journey, Genesis and even Bon Jovi?

And…Just how much reverb and delay would there be on the saxophone?


In true Horns & Rhythm fashion, we have taken 10 popular and familiar worship songs of today and tried to imagine what they might have sounded like in the 1980s. But we’re not using a can of hair spray per person and we certainly are not trying on M.C. Hammer’s parachute pants. Well…at least not in public.


As light hearted as I’m being in describing the series, the reason for this series is very intentional. The purpose lines up with our mission statement here at AnderKamp Music.

AnderKamp Music provides world-class, yet accessible music for churches, giving instrumentalists the opportunity to use their gifts to glorify God.

As the ‘sound’ of the modern church has transitioned to a rhythm section, many traditional orchestra members have not found a place where they can use their gifts to glorify God. Your church may still be utilizing a full orchestra (Praise God!) but many churches are not using any instrumentalists outside of a rhythm section.
The Horns and Rhythm series was created to let the modern rhythm section driven church hear arrangements that creatively use horn sections in a way to add to their worship experience and incorporate more players.

Along with the inclusion factor, many churches that are rhythm section only are looking for ways to change things up and not have the ‘same old, same old’ sound every week. Well Retro Worship from our Horns & Rhythm series absolutely allows you to change things up, open the worship service in a fresh and exciting way AND include more instrumentalists in worship.

BUT this series is not just for a horn section plus rhythm. Not at all. We are providing additional parts (not on the recording) for woodwinds, strings and additional brass to allow a full orchestra to play this series if you are looking for a creative way to include full orchestra in modern worship.
Instrumentation: 2 trumpets, 2 saxes, 2 trombones and rhythm section
Written out piano/synth and bass parts
Additional parts for woodwinds, strings and addtional brass

This fun, challenging series will be a HUGE HIT to everyone and will add a ton of energy to a service!

Song Titles: Open the Eyes of My Heart • Our God • Hosanna (Praise Is Rising) • Let God Arise • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) • Everlasting God • Mighty to Save • Revelation Song • 10000 Reasons • Your Great Name


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