Horns and Rhythm

Retro Hymns


If you watched the opening of the Grammy’s this year, there were horns all over the place! Why? Horn sections bring energy, excitement and ‘something different’ to the typical rhythm section based music. It is NOW time, if you haven’t already, to bring back a horn section to your church’s worship services and kick things up a notch. You will be amazed at the energy that a horn section brings to both the band AND the congregation.

This is where the Horns and Rhythm-Retro Hymns project comes in. If you like Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire, Chicago, Chaka Khan and a small (very small) amount of Disco, then this is going to be one of the most uniquely appropriate projects you will find anywhere. This project does not exist anywhere else.

Coming off the tremendous success of Horns and Rhythm-Worship, we are introducing a Retro Hymns project with some funk and soul influences. If you want to wait to hear the arrangements before you purchase them, no problem. I understand. They should be available in about 3 weeks.

BUT, if you like a great deal and love our Horns & Rhythm-Worship project, you can order now and get a LOT of extra goodies! You’re also invited to the session if you purchase the complete set.  🙂

If you purchase all 10 arrangements during the ‘Pre-Release’ time for $500, here’s what you’ll get:

All 10 arrangements($450), the Finale files (Finale 2011)($75), Stereo Tracks($40), Split Track Rhythm($40), wav files for ALL PARTS($50), MP3s with permission to make up to 50 copies($250), 10% off code for your NEXT purchase from AnderKamp Music, 1 of theCRICKETtoy.

We record rhythm Friday, March 11, 2011 and the horn section is going to be recorded the next Wednesday or Thursday (16th or 17th-tba). Along with all the extra things you receive, if you purchase the complete set now, you are invited to come watch the recording sessions if you would like.

Here’s who’s playing:

Mark Baldwin-guitars, Brian Green-keys/piano, Craig Nelson-bass, John Hammond-drums

Steve Patrick-trumpets, Barry Green-trombones, Mark Douthit-saxes


If you can’t make it to the recording sessions, that’s ok. We will be tweeting, updating Facebook, and posting photos and videos throughout the days recording sessions.

For more information, song titles and to order, click here