Have you ever wondered what a horn section recording session is like?

Now is your chance to watch a recording session LIVE online. We are recording the horn section for our new ‘Horns and Rhythm-Retro Hymns’ project this Wednesday here in Nashville, TN with THE BOYS.

Steve Patrick-trumpet
Barry Green-trombone
Mark Douthit-saxes

We streamed the rhythm section recording session live this last Friday and we will be streaming the horn section live this Wednesday. If you are a brass player, you do NOT want to miss this recording session! We have taken 11 hymns and created a Retro sound. Call it Hymns-Throwback (with real sugar) if you will. The feels are similar to some of the old classic Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Chicago, Kool and the Gang, Michael Jackson grooves. We even snuck a little Dr. John/New Orleans/Bo Diddley in there just for fun.

Come watch us stream live this Wednesday. If you purchase the Pre-Release special promotion before Wednesday, I will email you PDFS of the songs BEFORE the session and you can watch the scores while we are recording them. Is that cool? I know..it totally rocks. 🙂

I’m only sending out scores to the churches/schools/groups that purchase the complete promotional set before the session. It’s my thank you for helping support us as we make this recording.

This is going to be an incredibly cool recording session that you do NOT want to miss! Click here and BOOKMARK the page! Follow us on Twitter and we’ll be tweeting to remind you.