This is probably the most-loved arrangement in the series. Take 5 (The song, not the group Take 6) is a classic jazz standard in 5/4 featuring saxophone. Aaron took the Doxology, put it in 5/4 and made it a saxophone feature in the feel of Take 5. Have your players listen to the demonstration CD, and once they get the feel of the rhythm, this song will be a snap. Grade 3

Double click below to hear the demonstration recording of this arrangement:

[audio:06 Doxology.mp3]


Alto Sax (opt. Soprano Sax on: O Sacred Head, Now Wounded)

Tenor Sax (opt. Baritone Sax on: To God Be the Glory, Swing Low, and God of Grace)

Trumpet 1 & 2

Trombone 1 & 2


Piano (written out with chords)

Bass Part (written out with chords)


Substitution parts included in every arrangement:

Flute (substitute for Alto Sax)

Tenor Sax 2 & 3 (substitute for Trombone 1 & 2)

Trombone 3 (substitute for Tenor Sax)

Trumpet 3 (substitute for Alto Sax)

Tenor Sax (sub. for Trumpet 1 & 2 – play directly off of Trumpet 1 & 2 music)

Trumpet (sub. for Tenor Sax – play Tenor Sax music down an octave)


Solo Sheets provided:

C Treble Clef

Bb Treble Clef

Eb Treble Clef

C Bass Clef