This download contains the vocal arrangements for all 4 songs in the Horns & Rhythm – Christmas series. These arrangements were written in a ‘logical’ way so the soprano/bass have the melody in octaves so the congregation can easily pick-up these arrangements with ease. The alto/tenor have added parts written by first call session vocalist/arranger, David Wise that really thicken up and add energy to these arrangements.

To order enough copies for your entire choir/ensemble, change the quantity in your shopping cart. If you have 20 in your choir, simply change the quantity to 20 in the shopping cart.

If you need 25 or more copies, it is worth purchasing the H&R Vocal and Full Orchestra Combination for $249.95 which allows you to make as many copies of the vocals as you need AND includes all the complete orchestrations. Click here for that product.


Included are 3 different layouts of the vocal.


Vocals only

Vocals and Rhythm

Vocals and Written Out Piano