If modern worship songs were recorded in the 1980’s, what would they sound like? Would there be influences of Boston, Journey, Phil Collins/Genesis and other groups in the sound?

I think so.

Many modern churches, through inception or adaptation, are utilizing a rhythm driven style of music. What I have tried to do through AnderKamp Music’s ‘Horns & Rhythm’ series is to create arrangements that are based around the modern rhythm section BUT that also feature a horn section. My purpose is intentional…to give more instrumentalists the opportunity to use their gifts to glorify God.


Horns & Rhythm – Retro Worship


This CD contains split track rhythm section only (no horns).

Drums are in the center. Keys and bass are on the left. Guitars are on the right.

This CD is designed as a perfect tool for the rhythm section to practice with.

This is the ultimate help in getting these grooves/feels down.