If modern worship songs were recorded in the 1980’s, what would they sound like? Would there be influences of Boston, Journey, Phil Collins/Genesis and other groups in the sound?

I think so.

I remember when this song was introduced to our church. My wife, Dana, came home from singing on the live worship CD for The People’s Church with Michael Neale leading worship. She said, “it was a really good night but there’s one song that is WOW!” I heard ‘Your Great Name’ and knew immediately what she meant. Our friends Krissy Nordhoff and Michael Neale wrote this Dove Award winning worship song. When I was on staff at The People’s Church, I volunteered to write a horn chart for when my brass guys played in church. This arrangement is how we did it when Michael and I were both on staff there. This version is in Bb and is a guitar feature. This also works as a congregational arrangement so you can use it to open one service as an instrumental and then do it with the  congregation the next week. I really love this song!

Many modern churches, through inception or adaptation, are utilizing a rhythm driven style of music. What I have tried to do through AnderKamp Music’s ‘Horns & Rhythm’ series is to create arrangements that are based around the modern rhythm section BUT that also feature a horn section. My purpose is intentional…to give more instrumentalists the opportunity to use their gifts to glorify God.


Horns & Rhythm – Retro Worship


Today’s worship songs with an 80’s sort of twist to them. You’ll hear obvious Boston, Journey, Genesis and Chicago type influences throughout the entire series. But most importanly, you’ll hear creative arrangement of modern worship songs that utilize both Horns AND Rhythm throughout!


Double click below to hear a sample of the recording:

Your Great Name (works as congregational accompaniment as well)




2 Trumpets

2 Trombones

Alto Sax

Tenor Sax

Rhythm Section (includes rhythm chord chart, written out Piano/Keys/Synth AND written out Bass parts)


Additional parts (NOT substitution parts):

Flute 1 & 2


Clarinet 1 & 2

Trumpet 3

Trombone 3/Tuba

Violin 1 & 2




Each arrangement is recorded with 2 trumpets, 2 saxes, 2 trombones and rhythm section. The additional parts are included for woodwinds and strings to add a sort of ‘rock orchestra’ feel to the arrangements. We’ve provided those parts to allow even more folks the opportunity to use their gifts.

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