No, I am not saying to nail trumpets to the walls. As a trumpet player, I would NEVER suggest that. Saxophones??? That’s a different story.  🙂

I am thrilled to announce that we now have available for download an arrangement of Deck the Halls for Trumpet Trio accompanied by Full Orchestra!

Double click below to hear the recording of this arrangement:


Arranged in the style of the classic Leroy Anderson favorite, Bugler’s Holiday, this arrangement will be loved by your trumpet section, the orchestra and the audience/congregation!

All 3 trumpet parts have been carefully written to be as playable as possible. There is certainly double tonguing in this but it’s written where you don’t change notes while doing it. The ‘ka’ syllables are on the same notes(will make sense for trumpet players). I have written in rests for the trio so the arrangement serves as a call and response with the trio and the orchestra. This ensures that chops won’t get too tired and that there’s plenty of excitement.

I crashed and burned in high school (20+ years ago) on Bugler’s Holiday on the High C on the end because I got too tired and never had the opportunity to take the horn off the face for just a few seconds before the ending fanfare. SOOOOO, I wrote this arrangement in a way that you won’t remember crashing and burning 20 years from now, go through thousands of dollars of therapy and even consider (gasp) switching to saxophone all because the arranger didn’t give you just a bar or so to rest near the end. It’s a simple thing that I did to save you tons of $$$$$ ‘on the couch’!

For more information about this series, to order it, or to see a little more description of my crash/burn/Yemen consideration move, click here