What would you like for Christmas this year? Have you thought about it? With temperatures reaching 106 degrees here in Nashville this last week, a ‘tender tennessee Christmas may not have been on a lot of folks mind, but it sure has for me. What would I like for Christmas? I’d like for horn sections all around the world to have music they can play in church written by a horn player (trumpet) who KNOWS and LOVES horn sections! I don’t ask for much.

Our horn section plays at church every year at Christmastime and I find we go through the same scenario every year…trying to find great arrangements that work with a horn section. Inevitably, I end up creating arrangements. I figured if I’m looking for music for a horn section plus rhythm at Christmas, others must be looking too. Our Horns & Rhythm series has been incredibly popular, so I have created Horns & Rhythm – Christmas. The purpose of this series is for churches to purchase the complete set and have an entire service of music planned out that features the horns and rhythm section on every song. The congregation can sing along in comfortable keys while the choir/praise team/front line has 4 part vocals to enhance the singing. There are 4 congregational arrangements of popular Christmas tunes and 1 instrumental feature that will knock your Christmas socks off!

As a matter of fact, here is the instrumental feature(hold on to those socks):

Fum Fum Fum (Instrumental Feature)  [audio:http://www.anderkampmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Fum-Fum-Fum-HRChristmas.mp3]

I am providing 2 versions of this arrangement. The recorded version and a version that will be a little easier to play with minimal rehearsal time (simplified rhythms, cued notes/range etc). The piano part and bass parts are written out and you’ve got plenty of time to let your folks practice if you purchase now. Let them hear the recording and they WILL be up for the challenge! It will be so rewarding for them to work on it and play it.

     Horn Section = Energy!

In order to really take advantage of having a horn section, I went back to the 80s and created a ‘retro’ feel to the arrangements. Hence the Miami Sound Machine type tribute on Fum, Fum, Fum.

If you have a rhythm driven worship style, this is a great way to mix things up at Christmastime this year and allow more folks to use their gifts in worship.  If you have a full orchestra/choir, we have full orchestrations also provided for each arrangement that ADD to what you hear on the recording!


As a special pre-release special offer, you can purchase all 5 arrangements now for only $199.95. This SPECIAL OFFER includes permission to make CDs for EVERYONE involved in your music ministry that needs one! HUGE SAVINGS!!! For less than $200, you can have one of your worship services planned out to include a horn section (up to full orchestra) using fresh, creative arrangements that everyone will love.

For more information and to take advantage of the Special Offer, click here