If you are looking for rhythm-driven worship arrangements BUT that utilize more than just the rhythm section, then our Horns and Rhythm – Worship project is for you!

If your church has an orchestra, and you are being encouraged to move towards more of a ‘contemporary’ worship feel, then this is a great project to help you do that BUT still utilize your instrumentalists.

This project features some of the most popular worship songs today like: In Christ Alone, How Great is Our God, Blessed Be Your Name and Here I Am to Worship.

As an added bonus to this project, every arrangement comes with 2 versions:
1. Instrumental Version (as heard on the recording)
2. Congregational Version (adapted by David Shipps) and in friendly keys for the congregation

By having both versions, you can move seemlessly between an instrumental opener directly into the congregational singing of that song.

Each arrangement is available for only $40.00 each (includes both versions). The complete set of 13 songs is only $400 (like getting 3 songs FREE!). If you purchase the complete set before October 15th, 2009 we will send you 10 FREE Listening CDs for your players and the Stereo Track for FREE!! ($110 value)

You can hear audio samples of all the arrangements on this website. When you are ready to order, click on the song titles or complete set and you will be taken directly to our shopping cart (AnderKamp Music) to place your order.

We have also provided performance suggestions and hints like NO OTHER COMPANY has done! The guitar player (George Vinson) for the record has described what he does on each of the songs. If you’re not a guitar player, simply print out these descriptions for your guitar players. You’ll be very cool to them and it will really help them know exactly what to do for each song!

If you have any questions give my assistant (the organized guy) a call or send us an email.

Brent Clifford or give him a call (469) 387-7273

Check out the audio samples. You will LOVE these arrangements!

Click here to see more information and hear the audio samples