What exactly are these Instrumental Resources Routines on the website?

     Instrumental Resources are play-a-long CD Routines created to improve the playing ability of instrumentalists around the world, whatever their current level. A professional plays the exercise and then you play the exercise back to a click track. By utilizing the top industry professionals, you have the amazing opportunity to hear and emulate some of the greatest musicians in the world on YOUR instrument.

     These first call studio musicians and symphony musicians are highly regarded as both performers AND educators. They have played on over 10,000 (YES 10,000!) recording sessions and performed live with the likes of Elton John, Matchbox 20, Vince Gill, Alan Jackson, Amy Grant, The Dixie Chicks, Maynard Ferguson, Glenn Frey, Brooks and Dunn, Big & Rich, Kenny Chesney, Michael W. Smith and hundreds of others.

     With the highest quality players and recording techniques, this process allows individuals to hear the exercises played with a solid tone and pitch center, and provides an excellent sound to imitate.

     These valuable resources are ideal for private instructors desiring to give their students daily assignments, and for individuals wanting to build a solid musical foundation.

     Each CDRom contains the audio for all exercises which can be played in any consumer CD player (such as a home stereo system). All of the sheet music for the exercises is on the CDRom and can be printed out or simply viewed on the computer screen. For those computers with speakers built-in, you can play the CD through the speakers and watch the music onscreen. The sheet music is in pdf format and can be printed out with Acrobat Reader (free program).

     There are Disk 1-Daily Routines currently available for:Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet and Trombone.

     For trumpet, there are 5 routines currently available:

     Disk 1-Daily Routines

     Disk 2-Daily Routines Extended

     Disk 3-Scales

     Disk 4 Tonguing and Articulation

     Disk 5-Extensions (Range)…Yes..how to play high. YES, there are double Cs on this routine you can hear recorded by an ex Maynard Ferguson lead trumpet player!