I like trumpet.

I really do.

I love playing trumpet.

I really enjoy hearing the Nashville Symphony (with Jeff Bailey cranking away). I love hearing Steve Patrick sittin’ on top of a big band doing a Maynard tribute (like he did at the Franklin Jazz Festival the year Maynard died). I love Tim Morrison’s solo on John Williams’ Summon The Heroes. I loved hearing Wayne Bergeron playing lead live with the Patrick Williams Big Band when I was in LA in May. I love hearing Rick Baptist play his flugel (so so so warm). I love Doc. Enough said there. But what a ‘za’ sound. I love hearing Arturo solo. I love hearing and watching Faddis play live and laughing at the ridiculousness of his range. I love hearing and seeing James Morrison play and just crank! (and play every instrument in a big band). I love the truly ridiculousness/unfathomableness of Allen Vizzutti. Herp Albert and the Tijuana Brass make me smile. Maynard well..he’s Maynard. I remember the first time I heard Star Wars and Star Trek as an 8th grader and I couldn’t even wrap my head around how high he was playing. Then I went back to his Kenton days and..wow! I love Bobby Shew’s melodic solos and his Vegas showman style wit in concert. I love Dizzy and the life and energy he exuded. I love Louis Armstrong’s wonderful world and EVERY TIME he says hi to that gal Dolly. Wynton-Carnival of Venice. Wynton-jazz. Miles-that was a pretty cool birth. Clifford-I remember him.  Bud-Absolute stud. Freddie Hubbard-yes. Chris Botti-making trumpet cool for the masses (and playing while at the same time). Al Hirt-trumpet is fun. Phil Driscoll-as a church trumpeter, he changed everything in the church trumpet world. Mike Haynes on all the horn section records that came out of Nashville in the 80s and 90s. (Carman Live Radically Saved-trumpeters know what I’m talking about on this one). Chuck Mangione-It’s not a make believe world and it feels so good to listen to him. Jerry Hey-Michael Jackson (enough said). Roger Ingram-THAT Harry Connick, Jr. video-yep…trumpeters know what I mean). Bill Chase-you left us too early. Vinny DiMartino (how do you crossover that easy between classical and jazz?). Cat Anderson-a different planet of playing, especially considering those recordings were one take that long ago. Derek Watkins-Bond (enough said). Malcom McNab and the movies. George Tidwell’s jazz solos are GREAT and he’s always been super, super nice to me.

and there are a ton more. TON.

That’s the great thing about this instrument. There are so many ways you can play the trumpet. Jazz, Classical, Horn Section, Rock (Flea), Rap, Ska, R&B, Funk, Hip Hop, Country (yes), Mariachi, Symphony, Wind Ensemble, Brass Choirs, Brass Quintet, Trios, Duets and then just ridiculously high over top of some pretty classical piece (thank you Tastee Brothers for the fun ‘tastee’ stuff).

I’m now officially <cough> at 30 years of playing trumpet. I started playing in the Fall of 7th grade with Mr. Mattson at Ferry Pass Middle School in Pensacola and it’s now been 30 years that I’ve been playing trumpet. I’m currently 42 so it’s between 71 and 72% of my life that I’ve played trumpet.

I really do love it. When you love something, you want it to keep going. In my effort to support the trumpet world (and pay for food for my kiddos), I have created with my company:

7 volumes of brass quintets

2 volumes of brass choirs

1 volume of Christmas Big Band charts

1 volume of Christmas horn section charts

3 volumes of horn section charts

Trumpet (flugel) solo of Silent Night with full orchestra (lush strings and jazz rhythm section)

Trumpet Trio of Deck the Hall (not to Bugler’s Holiday)

Full orchestra arrangements with FUN trumpet parts (10,000 Reasons for Worship Orchestra Series)

1 volume of quick to pull together, yet still fun to play church orchestra arrangements (8 Core Orchestra Series)

A play-a-long series of trumpet routines in our Instrumental Resources division, we have 5 volumes of trumpet practice routines (warm ups, extended warm ups, scales, tonguing/articulations, and range)


There’s not much point to this post outside of some nostalgia, sentimentality (30 years is a LONG TIME) and a post that mentions trumpet a LOT which continues to help Google realize that Trumpets are back!!!! (they didn’t go anywhere but Google just needs to know that Trumpets are back!!!!)


Who’s your favorite trumpet player (or top 3)?


Oh…and I like turtles too.