In the comedy world, it doesn’t get more iconic than Tim Conway and Don Knotts. The Apple Dumpling Gang. And Tim Conway’s performances on The Carol Burnett Show never cease to make me laugh (and apparently Harvey Korman either).

Max Lucado’s Hermie & Friends series had the great privilege of having the voices of Tim Conway and Don Knotts as the voices of Hermie and Wormie (2 caterpillars).

I was asked to write a series of songs based on Bible verses that lined up thematically with the video series. All told, I ended up writing over 120 songs and producing 9 CDs of scripture memory songs that were companions to the DVDs.



Here are a few of the songs from the different records we did.


The folks at Thomas Nelson (then the Tommy Nelson division) are great folks to work with and we had a great time creating some (hopefully) memorable songs for kids in a great variety of styles.