There are those truly amazing moments in life. Sometimes they happen without warning. Sometimes you don’t realize that serendipitous moment for days, months or even years to come.

But sometimes, you know in advance that they are coming.

Yesterday, Dana and I had the awesome privilege of baptizing Dakota, our youngest daughter/middle child.

Awhile back, one of our girls’ best friends, Ruby, was being baptized at church. Dakota had been talking to us a lot and asking questions about Jesus and baptism. I got one of those ‘nudges’ and I told Dana that I thought I should stay home with Dawson (1.5 years old) so Dana and the girls could have lunch and talk after the baptism. It was hard to have a conversation with 1.5 year old at the table. Dakota came home from lunch and said, “I want to ask Jesus in my heart.” She and I walked into her bedroom, talked about it and I made sure she knew what she was saying and doing. She prayed right then.

The best way to describe that day would be that, “I skipped church and the angels rejoiced!” Without a lot of warning, that was one of the most amazing moments in my life.

As we were getting ready to baptize Dakota yesterday and were sitting backstage, Dana and I were talking to her about the fact that she asked Jesus in her heart the day Ruby was baptized. Without even pausing, she said, “I hope someone asks Jesus’ in their heart today.”

My Dad told me a long time ago that there comes a point in time that you realize that God speaks directly to your children. As I stood backstage waiting for my wife and I to get to baptize her, I realized that the Holy Spirit was already speaking to my child.

I knew yesterday was going to be an amazing moment in my life. I just didn’t realize how truly incredible of a day it would be as I was able to watch God speak to and through my little girl.