I have been waiting to introduce this series for a LONG TIME and the day has finally come! I am thrilled to introduce you to:


just add…Horns

Modular Horn Arrangements

for Modern Worship

If you are looking to spice up your worship service…

just add horns!

If you feel like Sundays may have a similar sound (modern rhythm driven worship)…

just add horns!

And my favorite idea…if you are looking towards a more ‘Inclusionary Worship’ style where you are looking for opportunities to allow more instrumentalists to use their gifts in modern worship in a way that fits…

just add horns!

Many worship leaders today lead from the guitar with just a lead sheet/lyric sheet and chords. This allows them to repeat sections (add a Chorus, go back to the Bridge) as they see fit. It works great for the rhythm section BUT it hasn’t worked for horns to be included until now! With this modular horn series, your worship leader only needs to tell the horn players the key and they can take it from there! This really is one of the most flexible series of horn arrangements you’ve ever seen.

The last 2 years, I have played trumpet (and wrote horn arrangements) for the K-Love Cruise. I had the opportunity to play/write horns for Danny Gokey, Unspoken and Building 429, along with being a part of ‘The Double Sea Horns/Jam Band’. This experience helped me to realize that MANY worship pastors would LOVE to add players, especially horns that add SO MUCH ENERGY to a worship service. But, they may not really know how to incorporate them. And, they really like the flexibility of repeating sections as needed/wanted.

just add…Horns is the solution that allows horn players to use their gifts in a modern setting that fits, written by a trumpet player who has written/performed with many of the Christian artists that are out there today.

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The just add…Horns series are modular horn arrangements for modern worship.

Some of the key features of the just add…Horns series are:

• Modular arrangements for maximum flexibility

• Playable horn arrangements written by a horn player

• Each section of song clearly labeled with Section Names (Verse, Chorus etc), Lyrics AND Hand Symbols

• Multiple Keys (revoiced when needed)

• Multiple Substitution Parts

• Rhythm Chart included

• Chord AND Number Charts included (great for guitar that want to capo!)

Instrumentation is:

2 trumpets, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax 2 trombones

BUT these charts have been written to also work with:

2 trumpets, tenor sax and 1 trombone

1 trumpet, 1 tenor sax and 1 trombone

Substitution parts provided are:

Flute 1 & 2 (for Trumpet 1 & 2-often written 8va)

Trumpet 3 (for Alto Sax)

Alto Sax 2 (for Trumpet 2)

Tenor Sax 2 & 3 (for Trombone 1 & 2)

Trombone 3 (for Tenor Sax)

These arrangements have been based around the familiar artists versions of the songs

and ALL of the just add…Horns artist recordings can be heard on our YouTube Channel by clicking here