Where are we?
Where did we repeat back to?
Is that the bridge?
Is this the last time?

I’ll admit it. It is ‘possible’ that I have A.D.D. Squirrel!

So sometimes when we’re in the middle of a song that repeats a decent amount, I find myself trying to make sure I remember where we are.

One of the great features of our new series ‘just add…Horns’ is that it is modular so it is EASY to jump around to go with the flow.

In order to make the jumping around easier AND to help folks make sure they know where they are in the song/arrangement, I have included some helpful tools in the charts:

• Indentation-Each section (Verse, Chorus, Bridge…) is indented

• Sections Labeled-Each section is clearly labeled (Verse, Chorus, Bridge…)

• Lyric Cues-Each section has lyric cues in “”

• Hand Signals-Your worship leader, band leader or horn section leader can use the hand signals for cues


For worship pastors that have <cough> been around awhile, these will be pretty standard. For newer worship leaders, I think you’ll find these to be a valuable tool if you want to communicate ‘audibles’ on the fly. These are all standard sign language symbols. V for Verse, C for Chorus, B for Bridge, L for Last Time and the closed fist just signals the end.

The reality is that if your horn section is paying attention to all that is going on, they may not need any cues. They’ll be in the zone and thinking like the worship pastor. But, if they have a ‘squirrel’ sort of moment, indentation, lyrics, section labels AND hand signals should help make sure everybody is on the same page AND playing the same cool horn licks. 🙂

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