I’m thrilled to introduce the just add…Horns series to our catalog!

These are ‘Modular Horn Arrangements for Modern Worship’.

Written to fit in a modern worship setting, these modular arrangements allow the horn section to ‘go with the flow’. This way the worship leader and rhythm section can do the arrangement however they would like to do road map wise, and with Lyric Cues, Indented Sections and Hand Signals all available, the horns are now a part of the band.

The entire series is designed around popular artists versions of these familiar worship songs. We’ve created a playlist on our YouTube Channel that features the original artist recordings from their own YouTube Channels as references. You can view the playlist below:


41664182 – ear listening

Can I hear the horn arrangements?

In order to keep the costs down on these arrangements, we are not recording full arrangements of every arrangement. But we are creating samples of sections of songs for you to get an idea of the feel of the arrangement. Because these arrangements are built around the original artists versions, you can easily reference the original artists playlist above for the rhythm section. AND…by not having to record every arrangement, we can continue to create new arrangements must more quickly.

You can hear samples of the first 5 arrangements in the series below (or go to our YouTube just add…Horns playlist)