If you like Bugler’s Holiday, then you may enjoy this trumpet trio version of Deck the Halls that I created in that style (double tonguing and festive!).

I wanted to create an arrangement of Deck the Halls for trumpet trio in the style of Bugler’s Holiday BUT I wanted to make sure it was playable by the ‘regular’ folks. All 3 trumpet parts have been carefully written to be as playable as possible. There is certainly double tonguing in this but it’s written where you don’t change notes while doing it (will make sense for trumpet players). I have written in rests for the trio so the arrangement serves as a call and response with the trio and the orchestra. This ensures that the trio’s chops won’t get too tired and that there’s plenty of excitement.

This arrangement was written to work with a Concert Band OR with an Orchestra (or with both combined for school settings). This is a GREAT way to feature 3 trumpet players along with both concert band and orchestra for a wonderful holiday experience.

For more information about this arrangement (instrumentation etc), click here.

I had the opportunity to fly down to Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida for their 2016 Christmas musical and play this arrangement with their worship pastor Jon Tyner and their orchestra director (and wonderful trumpet player) Tom Savage. Here’s a video from one of the nights recorded from the balcony.



The very last thing the trumpeters play is a low C 16th pattern. This is COMPLETELY because I played Bugler’s Holiday at Olive Baptist back around 1989-1990 and well…let’s just say I didn’t do so well on the High C. (more of that story here)