I am a sucker for strings. Always have been. I married a violin player for goodness sake.

Quite a number of years ago now at The People’s Church (now Church of the City), I created what I simply called ‘String Sunday’. This was a Sunday at Christmas where we brought in a string ensemble and featured them for the whole service. Christmastime is often so busy and rushed so I like to provide one Sunday where the folks can just come in, take a breath, relax and enjoy the beautiful string playing. It is a wonderful ‘refocus’ moment where we can make sure not to miss the reason we are truly celebrating Christmas.

This last year, I wrote an arrangement of O Come, O Come Emmanuel for orchestra that features the guest strings as well as the church’s brass/woodwinds/rhythm. Here is a video from the service where they played it.




This year, I am making it available for other churches, community orchestras and colleges that are looking for a beautiful arrangement that features cello and acoustic guitar on a piece that is perfect for Advent.

For more information about this arrangement, it is in our Cinematic Worship Series (has a ‘film score’ sort of sound). You can click here to get there.